is an ever-growing collection of desktop backgrounds, nature and landscape photography, stock photos, computer artwork, downloads, and high resolution textures.     
A dedicated Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon site where you can find helpful advice from a great group of people. If you care to check out my specific vehicle specifications, you can click here.

     Kipkay Videos     
This is a crazy website! A lot of neat stuff you can do. However, it does load slow and has problems on both IE and FireFox. It will bog down your system, so be patient!

     Trucks - Powerblock TV     
One of my favorite things to watch on the weekends! The hosts of trucks are awesome and I really dig their show. Also liked Muscle car... but then they got rid of Lou :~[

     Big Bang Theory     
Even though I vehemently dispute the scientifically accepted "big bang theory", this show is hilarious. Finally a sitcom that caters to a more educated crowd and has somewhat intelligent jokes. I was ecstatic when they brought this back for a second season!

     107 Year Old Bulb     
This bulb is over 107 years and has been lit ever since!

     George W. Bush Library     
Support our president!